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Personal hygiene goods

Disinfectant for hands Dezor
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structure: (PGMG, useful additives) Disinfectant for hygienic processing of hands of personnel of healthcare institutions and on utility objects, for employees of the food industry and catering departments, for personnel of child care preschool and school facilities and so forth. Does not contain...
Group: Antiseptics for hands
Liquid soap from a misinformation. effect for a gigabyte. antiseptic agents of hands of Kvintasep
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SCOPE: - in the organizations of health care of a different profile; - in clinical, serological and microbiological laboratories; - in pathoanatomical departments and bureau of a forensic medical examination, in morgues, crematoriums, mourning halls when rendering funeral and funeral services; - in...
Group: Antiseptics for hands
Antiseptic agent Inol
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STRUCTURE: 100 ml of medicine contain active ingredients: alcohol of ethyl 96, 4% - 65, 964 g; isopropyl alcohol – 3, 23 g; auxiliary components: the water purified polyethyleneglycol – 400, cellulose ethers, a fragrance cosmetic, dye food E122. PRIMENENENIYA AREA: - in healthcare institutions, the...
Group: Antiseptics for hands


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