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Means for final disinfection of SLAVIN-DELTA
  • Means for final disinfection of SLAVIN-DELTA

Means for final disinfection of SLAVIN-DELTA

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The concentrated universal remedy for PSO, disinfection, DVU and sterilizations.


- glutaric dialdehyde – 3% ,

- PGMG hydrochloride – 2,5% ,

- alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride – 2,5% .

- functional additives.


- bactericidal (including tuberculosis mycobacteria, terrae is tested for M. ),

- especially dangerous infections – plague (it is tested for Yersinia pestis), cholera (it is tested for Vibrio cholera 01 not toxicogenic), tularemia (it is tested for Francisella tularensis), brucellosis (it is tested for Brucella abortus), anthrax (it is tested for Bacillius anthracis);

- virulitsidny (including adenoviruses, herpes, flu, other causative agents of respiratory viral infections, viruses of enteral and parenteral hepatitises A, B, C, HIV, rotaviruses, enterovirusa, poliomyelitis);

- antifungal (including barmy, mold mushrooms, dermatophytes);

- sporotsidny (including, sporous forms of causative agents of anthrax and klostridialny anaerobic infections, it is tested for Clostridium perfringens the CN205 type).


- in the organizations of health care (including multi - profile and specialized hospitals, burn and aseptic departments),

- on objects of the utility and social sphere, on predpriyaty trade, on transport (stationary objects and rolling stock),

- on objects of penal system.

- for disinfection of medical and food waste;

- disinfection, cleanings, sink and odor removal of the garbage - disposal equipment, garbage trucks, trash cans, containers for waste;

- refuse chutes, accumulative tanks of autonomous toilets, surfaces in cabins of public, autonomous toilets and dry closets;

- for disinfection of objects of environment at emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.

APPOINTMENT: for disinfection, including combined with PSO (including use of ultrasonic devices) products of medical appointment (including the endoscopic equipment), surgical, stomatologic instruments, microtools, laboratory glassware, one - time products of medical appointment before utilization; for disinfection and sink of surfaces in rooms, the sanitary equipment, harvest material and stock, objects of care of patients; linen (next - to - skin, bed, overalls of personnel); ware (table, kitchen, laboratory); for sterilization and TWO - thermolabile products of medical appointment; for disinfecting of biological liquids.

SHORT CHARACTERISTIC: interaction kationaktivny surfactant (polyguanidine and HOUR) and the aldehyde - organic acid complex creates conditions for forming of steady chelate complexes and ions of Sa and Mgv optimum range rn that allows to receive the stable composition possessing the expressed synergism and full range of antimicrobic action.

Stability of working solutions – 28 days. Expiration date – 3 years.

solute concentration from 0,1% , exposure of 10 minutes, expense from 50 ml/m ²

packing: 1 l; 5 l

the price is specified for bottle of 1 l

Instruction for application

Certificate on the state registration

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Purpose:For instruments
Application area:Treatment-and-prophylactic institutions
Form of disinfection:Final
Release form:Solution
Information is up-to-date: 21.01.2022

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