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Means for final disinfection of PEROKSIN
  • Means for final disinfection of PEROKSIN

Means for final disinfection of PEROKSIN

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

Desinfectant with detergency for disinfection of surfaces, objects of environment, the products made of noncorrosive materials.

STRUCTURE (hydrogen peroxide + PGMG):

- hydrogen peroxide of 10% ,

- poligeksametilenguanidin hydrochloride - 2.5% ,

- corrosion inhibitor, kompleksoobrazovatel, nonionic surfactant.


- Bactericidal (including tuberculosis mycobacteria, terrae is tested for M. );

- Antifungal (including dermatophytes, barmy and mold mushrooms of the sort As. Nider);

- Virulitsidny (including parenteral hepatitises, HIV, enterovirusa).

RANGE OF APPLICATION: the organizations of health care, it is preferable in intensive care units, surgical and obstetric and gynecologic profile, in clinical and serological laboratories, operational and procedural offices. On objects of mass accumulation of people (stations, hotels, rest houses, venues of sports and spectacular actions). In child care and educational institutions, on utility objects (baths, saunas, hairdresser's, massage, beauty shops, sunbeds, laundries, etc. ). In establishments of the social sphere. At catering establishments, the food, overworking, perfumery and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industry. On transport (automobile, railway, aviation, passenger, public, cargo, intended for transportation of food).

Appointment: disinfecting and cleaning of surfaces, rigid furniture, harvest stock, sanitary equipment, objects of care of patients, ware (table, laboratory), linen (next - to - skin, bed, sanitary clothes of personnel), children's toys and other objects, and also inactivation of biological liquids.

SHORT CHARACTERISTIC: The widest range of action, the high clearing ability. Means perfectly deletes the organic pollution including permanent and old. Compatibly to any moisture resistant materials (except for metals and alloys from non - ferrous metals). Safely for environment, contains only biodegradable components. Does not contain dyes, fragrances, toxic volatile components (chlorine, aldehydes, phenol). Working solution without pungent smell. Couples of concentrate and working solutions do not irritate mucous membranes of upper airways and eyes. Application in the presence of people is authorized, application of means of individual protection of upper airways is not required.

Stability of working solutions – 7 days.

packing: 1 l.

Expiration date – 1 year.

Instruction for application

Certificate on the state registration

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Form of disinfection:Final
Information is up-to-date: 21.10.2021

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