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Means for disinfection, DVU, sterilizations of STEN
  • Means for disinfection, DVU, sterilizations of STEN

Means for disinfection, DVU, sterilizations of STEN

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

Structure: (hydrogen peroxide + PGMG).

Universal remedy for chemical sterilization and disinfection.

RANGE OF APPLICATION AND APPOINTMENT: Means is intended for disinfection of surfaces (in the organizations of health care of different profile, including burn and aseptic departments), PSO and disinfection of the tools manufactured of corrosion-resistant materials, sterilization and disinfection of high level of thermolabile products of medical appointment (tubes, catheters, flexible endoscopes), outside contours of the narcotic and respiratory equipment.


- hydrogen peroxide – 15%

- poligeksametilenguanidin hydrochloride – 4,5%

- nonionic surfactant, kompleksoobrazovatel, corrosion inhibitor.


- bactericidal (including tuberculosis mycobacteria, terrae is tested for M.),

- virulitsidny (including causative agents of haemo contact, airborne and intestinal viral infections);

Fugitsidny (barmy mushrooms);

- sporotsidny.

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Vapors of the STAN working solutions of maloopasna at inhalation effect. Unlike means on the basis of aldehydes or the peracetic acid (possessing abnormal range action), STEN in working concentration has no pungent smell, couples do not irritate mucous membrane of airways and eyes, means has no the sensibilizing effect, is allowed for use in the presence of patients, including children. The disinfectant possesses the expressed clearing ability, perfectly deletes biological pollution and darkening of metal tools. Let's combine with all materials and nodes of the endoscopic equipment (phytooptics, rubber, silicone, glue masses, polymeric materials, stainless steel), except for anodized aluminum, non-ferrous metals and alloys. rn 1% of solution +3. Means perfectly is suitable for disinfection of different products, surfaces, laboratory and technology stock and the equipment on objects of public catering, trade, the enterprises of the food, overworking, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, perfumery and cosmetic industry. Efficiency factors and safety conform to the highest requirements of the current legislation that allows to apply surely STEN in children's and educational institutions, on objects of the social, utility sphere, penal system. Stability of working solutions of 5 days. Expiration date – 1 year.

solute concentration from 0,1%, exposure of 2 minutes, expense from 50 ml/m ²

packing: 1 l

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Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 17.04.2019
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