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DUASEPT desinfectan
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DUASEPT desinfectan

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The concentrated universal desinfectant.


- dodetsildipropilentriamin – 10% ,

- alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride – 6,5% ,

- organic acids – 5% ,

- functional components.


- bactericidal (including intrahospital strains and mycobacteria of tuberculosis, terrae is tested for M. ),

- virulitsidny (including HIV, parenteral hepatitises, group of viruses of poliomyelitis),

- antifungal (barmy and mold mushrooms of the sort Asp. Niger, dermatophytes),

- ovotsidny (causative agents of helminthoses, including eggs worm).


- for disinfection and presterilizing cleaning of products of medical appointment (including the endoscopic equipment and tools), including with use of ultrasonic devices;

- sinks and disinfection of surfaces (including couveuses and devices to them, accessories narkozno - the respiratory equipment, the anesteziologichesky equipment), objects of leaving, linen, ware, harvest stock and other products in MPI and on other objects: in establishments of the social sphere and penal system; in preschool institutions and educational institutions; on utility objects (baths, saunas, hairdresser's, massage and beauty shops); in shops, in warehouses and bases; at catering establishments, on all means of transport (sanitary, public, intended for transportation of food);

- for fight against mold;

- for disinfection of medical and food waste;

- disinfection, cleanings, sink and odor removal of the garbage - disposal equipment, garbage trucks, trash cans, containers for waste;

- refuse chutes, accumulative tanks of autonomous toilets, surfaces in cabins of public, autonomous toilets and dry closets;

For disinfection of objects of environment at emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.

SHORT CHARACTERISTIC: the component structure is picked up taking into account modern technologies and requirements to the organization of anti - epidemic and sanitary and hygienic actions on the different objects aimed at providing infectious safety, prevention of forming of resistance to desinfectants of the circulating microflora and decrease in concentration of harmful evaporations in air of the enclosed space. Means on contains dangerous, caustic, poisonous components, does not possess kumuliruyushchy and sensibilizing effects. High performance is reached due to synergy interaction of active substances and auxiliary components.

Stability of working solutions of 28 days. Expiration date – 5 years.

solute concentration from 0,1% , exposure of 10 minutes, expense from 50 ml/m ²

packing: 1 l; 5 l

the price is specified for bottle of 1 l

Instruction for application

Certificate on the state registration

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Disinfecting agent:Cationic surfactants
Release form:Solution
Information is up-to-date: 25.11.2021

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