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Disinfectant for hands and gloves Septal
  • Disinfectant for hands and gloves Septal
  • Disinfectant for hands and gloves Septal
  • Disinfectant for hands and gloves Septal

Disinfectant for hands and gloves Septal

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

STRUCTURE (isopropyl alcohol + PGMG):

alcohol of isopropyl - 58 - 62% ,

Poligeksametilenguanidin hydrochloride of 0,4 - 0,6%

Cosmetic components


- bactericidal (including tuberculosis, terrae is tested for M. ),

- virulitsidny (including ESNO - 6 – group of viruses of poliomyelitis),

- furgitsidny (sort mushrooms Candida);


- in healthcare institutions and the centers of infectious diseases;

- in clinical, serological and microbiological laboratories;

- on transport (sanitary, public, cargo);

- at the enterprises and warehouses of trade and public catering, the food, perfumery and cosmetic, pharmaceutical, microbiological, biotechnology industry;

- at the enterprises of a services sector: in hairdressing salons, sunbeds, manicure and pedicure offices, beauty shops, piercing and a tattoo;

- in medical aid stations and on catering departments preschool institutions, educational institutions, hostels, manufacturing enterprises, social objects (shelters, hospices, nursing homes, disabled people), utility objects (a sauna, a bath), establishments of penal system;

- in sanatorium, recreational establishments, on sporting venues (gyms, pools, halls for boxing classes, fight, oriental martial arts, etc. injury - causing sports) and so forth objects where the risk of a kontamination of hands or gloves potentially dangerous biological liquids – blood, slime, a phlegm is high.

- in a complex of anti - epidemic actions at mitigation of consequences of emergency situations;


- disinfection of small devices, objects of leaving and products of medical appointment (thermometers, tonometers, stethoscopes, OUSE - sensors);

- hygienic antiseptics of hands, antiseptic processing of integuments (except skin of surgery and handling fields when carrying out small surgical interventions);

- disinfection of the gloves which are put on hands of personnel of healthcare institutions when working with potentially polluted objects (cleaning of rooms, sorting of dirty linen, work with dangerous wastes of a class B, work with biological material in laboratories, pataly - anatomic departments, bodies of a forensic medical examination);

- hygienic antiseptics of hands and disinfecting of the gloves which are put on hands of workers on objects of economic activity where according to sanitary standards and rules control of level of a microbiological obsemenennost of hands of personnel is required.

Period of validity – 3 years.

packing 0,1l, 0,5l, 1 l.

Application instruction

Certificate on the state registration

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Purpose:For hands and skin
Disinfecting agent:Alcohols
Release form:Solution
Information is up-to-date: 21.10.2021

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