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Desinfectant PEROKSIN PLUS
  • Desinfectant PEROKSIN PLUS

Desinfectant PEROKSIN PLUS

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

The concentrated universal remedy for PSO, disinfection, TWO - and sterialization.

STRUCTURE: PGMG + hydrogen peroxide + oxyacid.

- hydrogen peroxide of 10% ,

- poligeksametilenguanidin hydrochloride – 2,5% .

- oxyacid (glycolic acid) – to 15% ,

- functional components.


- Bactericidal (including intrahospital strains of MRSA, VRE, tuberculosis mycobacterium, terrae is tested for M. );

- Antifungal (including dermatophytes, barmy and mold mushrooms of the sort Asp. Niger);

- Virulitsidny (including HIV, parenteral hepatitises, respiratory, intestinal viral infections, poliomyelitis),

- Sporotsidny,

Ovotsidny concerning causative agents of parasitic diseases (tsist and ootsist of protozoa, eggs and larvae of helminths).

RANGE OF APPLICATION: the organizations of health care of different profile (including multi - profile, specialized and children's hospitals, burn and aseptic departments), trade enterprises of public catering, food, perfumery and cosmetic, the chemist – the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry on production of unsterile pharmaceuticals (the room of class of purity of C and D). Child care, educational and improving facilities, transport (public, sanitary, for transportation of food), sporting, public, utility and social venues, establishments of penal system.

APPOINTMENT: - disinfection, presterilizing cleaning and sterilization of products of medical appointment (including endoscopes and tools to them),

- disinfecting and cleaning of central airs and ventilation, surfaces, rigid furniture, harvest stock, sanitary equipment, objects of care of patients, ware (table, laboratory), linen (next - to - skin, bed, sanitary clothes of personnel), children's toys and other objects,

- inactivation of biological liquids,

- for disinfection of medical and food waste;

- disinfection, cleanings, sink and odor removal of the garbage - disposal equipment, the garbage truck, trash cans, containers for waste;

- garbage trucks, accumulative tanks of autonomous toilets, surfaces in cabins of public, autonomous toilets and dry closets;

- for disinfection and deinvaziya of objects of external environment at emergency situations of technogenic and natural character.


Full range of antimicrobic activity, the expressed detergency, high pronitsayushchy ability, moderate corrosion activity, 100% biodegradability and ecological safety. Does not contain toxic components (chlorine, aldehydes, phenol), does not create dangerous evaporations in air of the enclosed space, flavourless working solution.

Couples of concentrate and working solutions are not dangerous to personnel and patients, do not possess the irritating and sensibilizing action.

Stability of working solutions till 14 days. Expiration date – 1 year.

solute concentration from 1% , exposure of 15 minutes, expense from 50 ml/m ²

packing: 1 l

Instruction for application

Certificate on the state registration

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Purpose:For surfaces
Disinfecting agent:Organic acid
Release form:Solution
Information is up-to-date: 21.10.2021

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