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Antiseptic agent Yodiskin
  • Antiseptic agent Yodiskin

Antiseptic agent Yodiskin

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

Solution for external use on a basis povidone - iodine. Does not contain alcohols.

Antiseptic agent without alcohol on a basis povidone - iodine. Possesses the expressed prolonged action, iodine ions, being gradually released from a polymeric matrix, saturate deep layers of skin, providing the long disinfecting action.


100 ml of medicine contain active ingredients:

Active iodine – 200 mg (in a look povidone - iodine),

Auxiliary components: the water purified polyethyleneglycol – 400,

Cellulose ethers, food citric acid.


- in healthcare institutions;


- hygienic antiseptics of hands of personnel of the organizations of health care;

- antiseptic processing of mucous membranes and adjacent integuments in the preventive purposes before carrying out medical interventions;

Antiseptic processing of integuments of patients before carrying out invasive manipulations (an injection, a puncture, a biopsy, transfusions, blood sampling);

- antiseptic processing of mucous membranes and integuments of patients before carrying out operative measures;

- antiseptic processing of integuments of patients on the eve of carrying out surgical interventions and when rendering care of seriously ill patients and lying patients ("disinfecting bathing");


- Paints the processed site of integuments in yellow color, coloring disappears in 10 - 15 minutes as a result of transdermalny penetration of ions of iodine;

- Does not contain dyes. When processing hands does not paint a nail plate;

- The drying period longer, than at antiseptic agents on the basis of alcohols;

- Does not cause discomfort, burning, an itch when drawing on gentle sites of skin – on an internal surface of an elbow bend and a forearm, in a neck, the person, a stomach, a groin, axillary hollows and a crotch;

- 50% solution do not cause irritation when drawing on mucous membranes (urology, a proctology, gynecology, stomatology).


- not to allow hit in eyes! Not to apply at the increased individual sensitivity to iodine.

Period of validity – 3 years.

packing: 0, 5l; 1 l

the price is specified for a bottle of 1 l

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Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 21.10.2021

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